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Wellness is as simple as offering your staff an Apple A Day!

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Choose seasonally fresh organic fruit & veggies sourced from local San Diego farms and delivered to San Diego County!


How We Began

Daily Harvest Express brings San Diego grown, organic and pesticide-free produce and hand-crafted artisan food right to your home or office.

We are similar to a CSA but work with a variety of small local farms to bring you a wide range of the best local produce and artisan foods made here in San Diego County.  Because it’s grown close to home, our produce is picked when it’s ripe and bursting with flavor. There’s nothing better than eating food that tastes the way it’s supposed to!

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Ivonne, Rafael and Janis
Read what some of our happy customers have to say!


Thank you so much for the great service and produce.  I do have to admit tho, I am a fruit and veggie snob and blemishes such as marks or pits I would avoid.  I am learning to live with them as I have noticed it did not affect my item.


Loved loved it!!! Would love to have them come back!

Tenaya O.

I have been receiving the large fruit/veggie box since May now and ABSOLUTELY love the variety and the freshness.

MicheleBreg Inc.

Ivonne, You are awesome, passionate at what you do which makes you an incredible salesperson. Please deliver again next week as people are in jubilation and the fruit is nearly gone.

Michon WhittingtonDirector of Human Resources, Avanir Pharmaceuticals

I love this idea!

Michelle B.

Our CEO just told me “we need more fruit”, so can you double up our standing order? PS - Everyone goes crazy when I put it in the lunchroom. It’s almost gone before I can send out an email that it’s here!

Scott SweeneyWellness Coordinator, Novatel Wireless Inc.

You’re welcome. I’m loving this service! We just had a huge party at our home on Sat and have a ton of veggies we’re trying to eat up now, but this is good to will force me to get creative with all the veggies!

AliciaWest Health Institute

I had no idea, the savage beasts that I work with. The fruit that was delivered then quickly pillaged, ransacked, and seized by all personnel. I believe they liked it, as there is no remains but the carcass of a box. We are so happy that we started Daily Harvest and are chomping at the bit for the next delivery.

EmilyHuman Resources, Sentek Global

Yes! This is an awesome idea!! Will you all be doing this every week? Thank you!

Kristina C.

We are a health conscious company and wanted to provide healthy snacks for our team. We started with one Daily Harvest delivery per week, but our employees loved the fruit so much, we added a second delivery mid-week! The delivery is convenient and provides a nice variety of ripe and in-season organic fruits. We also like the fact that we are supporting local farms & businesses. I highly recommend you give it a try.

Lisa GonzalesDirector of Human Resources, Maintenance Net Inc.

Thank you!! I work from a home office and am a full time stay at home mom. Love that fresh veggies come to my door so I don’t have to take my little ones to 2 different grocery stores and remind them that once again the grocery store is not a playground. That you so much for your prompt service. I’m in Encinitas soon for my daughters preschool and could pick up on one of those days in the fall. Thanks again.


Everything is totally amazing! I have already raved about you to all my neighbors, friends and family. I work nearby so went home and took it inside, so everything fared great. I have been eating like a queen since yesterday! 🙂 I am definitely interested in having my office sign up, but was going to try it out myself for a few weeks to make sure I thought it was awesome before I tried to get my work to do it. 🙂 So far, I am completely impressed and plan on getting my work involved. Can you give me the run down on how the Fresh to Desk program works? E.g., how many people need to sign up and how it might be different than an individual order (besides free shipping, which is great!). Also, everything so far tastes great! Love the variety, I am super excited about your company!

LauraDudek: Environmental Consultants

We Love Our San Diego Community

We love it when we see our customers! A big part of our mission is to bring fresh, local produce to our San Diego Community. Seeing them smile, and getting to laugh with them is just one of the perks!