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Fresh To Office

Are you looking for a simple wellness program?
Offer farm fresh fruit in the break room

Wellness in the workplace is simple with our fruit delivery service. It's all about what we eat.

Daily Harvest delivers farm fresh organically grown fruits, veggies and natural food direct from local San Diego farms to your office
Start the week off right! Monday delivery available.

Break Room Fruit Boxes

Fresh, organically grown fruit picked from local farms delivered to your office.

More Info

Seasonally fresh, organic fruit boxes
$28 to start
San Diego delivery area
Oceanside to downtown

Nutritious and delicious.
Upgrade your break room snacks with local, organically grown fruit

The cornerstone of health is what we put IN to our bodies and studies have proven what Moms have been saying for years..."You are what you eat"

  • Healthy eating programs improved the overall health of their employees.*
  • Making wellness activities convenient and accessible for all employees is a key facilitator to successful outcomes.

  • * (Rand Employer Survey, 2012)

Now you can offer your employees the benefit of also having convenient access to fresh, organic produce for home.
Let us help you improve the results of your current healthy initiatives and increase the well-being of your employees and their families.

  • No Commitments & No start up fees
  • Order whenever you want, choose what goes in your box or subscribe to weekly or bi-weekly deliveries!
  • Customize your order!
  • Get started today!

    We offer fruit so much more

We also offer education, support and incentive programs
Fresh to Break Room

Start the week with fresh, organic fruit from local farms
Making fresh fruit available is a healthy alternative to processed snacks & creates a more productive workforce.

Fresh to Desk

An online farmer’s market available to your employees - they order, we deliver to work or home
Help your staff to eat well and save time doing it.

Fresh Tips

A weekly newsletter full of nutritional info & recipes
Empower people to make healthy choices with simple recipes

Choices for every style and size company

Customize your delivery with veggies, dried fruit, cheeses and more
Make your break room a haven of health!

An overview of our complete Corporate Wellness Program
Finally, a wellness program that everyone will love!
Delicious fruit that is bursting with flavor & nutrition

Locally sourced, organically grown from farms in San Diego & Central Valley

Which means it's picked at it's peak of ripeness, pesticide free and doing good for our own community

Fresh farm produce for your staff

An online “virtual” farmer’s market available to individual employee

Your staff can get weekly deliveries of fresh, organically grown fruit, vegetables and artisan foods right at work

Free weekly delivery

For any orders $25 or more! Just a $5 delivery charge if it's less - there's no minimum order!

We host a Lunch & Learn Event

We help launch the program with your staff. We demo a simple recipe, bring samples and explain the benefits of eating organic, local and seasonally grown, fresh foods

Weekly Newsletter

With super simple recipes and nutrition information to inspire them to embrace healthy eating as a way of life

Qualify for a FREE Medium Box of Fruit

When 10 people sign up for recurring delivery

Fresh roasted coffee

You can also get premium freshly roasted coffee from Leap Coffee in Carlsbad at our cost!

Qualify for a FREE healthy cooking class from a local chef

When 15 sign up for recurring delivery.

Earn Annual Prizes

When 20 staff members with recurring deliveries for 6 consecutive months; your company receives a free Vitamix

How to get started
Three simple ways to get started:

Place your order online for your first box by Friday. We'll deliver it Monday!

Place Order

Contact us for more information or if you have a special request.

Contact us

Make an appointment for us to visit you and bring some samples by!

Make Appointment

BioMed Realty receiving their first of many happy deliveries.

Delivery Days

Monday — Company fruit delivery for San Diego County
Click here to see our complete weekly delivery schedule

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